Sunday, August 11, 2013

He's here!

He's here! 

Rowan Nathaniel Westrate was born to us at 10:04pm on June 24, 2013! We are overflowing with blessing and joy! Our friend Kari Wierenga from Zander and Breck Photography did a lifestyle shoot for us! 

(Side Note: If you live in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area she is a phenomenal photographer!)
(Side Note 2: Her daughter is the cutesy who models off the fun bloomers in the shop too)

Here are some of the snap shots she captured from our lifestyle shoot with Rowan! 

 Wrestle time with daddy is a daily must. 

 Rowan about had it by now with the pics; he did a great job for 3 hours!

 Here Rowan is modeling off one of our cardigan onesies! 

 So tired from all of the attention :)


Nate got home just in time to grab some shots of him with Rowan. These are priceless.

Life is definitely crazy beautiful right now! 
The shop is now in full swing again and we are on a way to the fall line soon! 

Never too busy to take some time for snuggles though. :)

Have a blessed Sunday!
And remember, HIS mercies are NEW every morning, GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer 2013 has arrived!

Time flies when you're having fun! (and are extremely busy) We are so thankful for our new and faithful customers who have made Simply Anandi more than we ever dreamed! A lot has happened since our last post (embarrassingly months and months ago) but we are updating now! 

A whole new line of products has arrived in the shop along with new SUBSCRIPTION packages! Yes, you heard right! Get the latest and newest trends from Simply Anandi delivered monthly to your front step! The Adorable You packages have been in the making for a while now and we are still critiquing them as we learn. 

Here are a series of photos from our new lines! The professional pictures have been provided by our friends from Zander&Breck Photography, who did a beautiful job of displaying our products! 

Splash of Summer.

 Going green this summer.
Slice of Mango this summer with this bloomer!
 Adorable You interchangeable bow tie onesie for the little man.
 Little Mister Cardigan onesies with matching shoes and bow tie or tie onesies.
Little Misses bloomer outfits. 
Adorable You Subscription Package

Babies, Babies Babies! Two of us here at Simply Anandi, are expecting! The reason the shop is on "Low Time" right now is because of the new arrivals who are coming any day! Which also explains all of the flash sales on our Facebook page! To celebrate the new arrivals we are having a plethora of flash sales weekly. Lowest prices ever offered for some of the sales along with super cheap shipping (if any) and new arrivals at sale price! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the pure joy of savings! 

We will try and try and try to update WAY more often on the blog and we will also be updating the blog to be more current with our newest arrivals! 

Have a fabulous Summer!