Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are alive....again! :)

It seems that there are times of silence that appear on our blog! We are sorry for that, as we are busy moms of little ones! :)

The Holiday/Winter 2011 line is in the making right now along with new styles of flowerclips; bow ties, neck ties, and shoes/boots!

Amy Gerber Photobotique is partnering with us; in a photoshoot of one of our new boots for the Holiday/Winter 2011 line! We are excited about that along with the re-tweeked of our "Maddox"
(sorry for the photo mishap, it won't turn around for some reason)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 300 fan giveaway! Mar'ce Banks was the proud winner of our giveaway and received a pair of our Raelynn Boots in Rust Red. The Giveaway was such a great success that you can be sure another Holiday giveaway will be coming up! 

We love fall! Warm apple cider, pumpkin pie with ice cream, apple sauce, the scent of cinnamon, crisp leaves, beautiful color! 

What is your favorite things about fall? 

I hope all is well with everyone! Have a great October and we will try to not be so silent this month! :)