Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mission Kitindi


    Mission Kitindi. Simply Anandi is going to donate 100% of all sales towards Mission Kitindi. This July a handful of youth and youth leaders are going to Kitindi in Eastern Congo for three weeks. Some of these youth are in need of funds because they don't have the means to go but feel they are called to go and help serve the less fortunate. Simply Anandi would like to do whatever they can to help these students make way to the Congo and make a difference! From now on until the end of July 100% of all the earnings from YOUR purchases will go to help send these students and leaders out to the Congo! Join with us to help Mission Kitindi! 
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Here is a more detailed look at what they will be doing from one of the leaders going:

   Specifically we will be serving in a few different areas; first we will be building desks for an elementary school that is majorly lacking desks for their students.  Secondly we will be performing 4 Christ-centered skits that will allow us to hurdle the biggest barrier of communication, which is the language.  Lastly we will be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we can.  We will have a guide who grew up in the Congo, one of the main teaching pastors at our church, who will be able to show us the ropes and open up plenty of opportunities for service.  
        Our small group is passionate about bringing the gospel in spirit and truth.  We want to be wise steward of the word of God that our Father has given us.  Your prayers are greatly coveted during this time of preparation and planning.  We are striving to stay in the center of His will.  As a group we are spending a lot of time seeking His face, and growing closer to Him while getting ready for this trip.  Join us in praying specifically that our hearts would be prepared to serve humbly when we get there, and give every ounce of the glory to our worthy savior Jesus Christ!!  

Grace and peace,

Thank You in advance for your time and gifts; they will benefit little lives in a hurting country.

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