Monday, October 3, 2011

2-Step DIY

This fun and easy DIY takes about 10 minutes! Makes organization fun and creative! 

Supplies Needed:
  • SPARE PARTS(by paper studio)large  bottlecaps; 
    • Found at your local craft stores. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. They are currently 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They come in many different fun and vibrant patterns and colors! I chose black and white Zebra print.
  • Magnetic Buttons
    • Found at your local craft stores or Super Market. They are small circle magnets with adhesive on the back.

Step One: 
  • Bottlecaps come with a puffy insert that fills in the gap of the emptiness in the back; which has double sided adhesive. They have adhesive on as well; peel the backing off and adhere to the back of the bottlecap.

Step Two:
  • Peel adhesive backing off the other end of the puffy insert and also the adhesive backing from the magnet. 
  • Stick the magnet (sticky side facing the sticky side of puffy insert) onto the puffy insert and Viola! There you have it! Cute Magnets! Repeat Steps one through two on each bottlecap. 

Fun way to decorate magnetic organizational boards; doors; refrigerators etc.

Have a great week!