Thursday, December 22, 2011

For unto us a Child is born

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall by upon His shoulder and His name shall be called...

Praise God for His gift of His Son! We will never be the same again! 
Merry Christmas everyone! We are so excited about Christmas week and all the festivities! I have to say this is our favorite time of the year! :) 

I attempted several times to photograph my two little ones for a Christmas card. Yes, some of you might laugh; as they are just 2 years old and the youngest is almost 1. Yes, it was a workout! Earlier this past fall my sister (the awesome creator of the beautiful flower clips! and bows of Simply Anandi) photographed my family! There was hope of having at least 1 good one! Don't worry there were plenty! Here are a few fun photos to share for the not so organized Holiday Picture! Please don't mind the blurry; one looking; "action" eating Christmas lights or fake berries; etc...I wish I could take a little of that and a little of this from each picture to make the perfect one! I'm sure there's an app for that? ;) Oh, and one more thing; remember I'm not a professional case you couldn't tell? Ha! Enjoy!

You may be wondering why my oldest isn't in many of the family pictures? Well, he was acting the part of being the oldest,and was too cool for pictures. :)

Have a great Christmas and New Year's! 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday SALE!


Check out our Etsy Shop for more details! 

Sale is only 24 hrs long! 
We have never had a sale this big ever!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday 2011 Giveaway

 It has been such a long time since we've posted anything! So sorry for that; we have been extremely busy which is a blessing! We have a Holiday 2011 Giveaway in the process check out our facebook page for details on how to win a pair of our Maddox boots in Brown! 
Giveaway Time Regulations are: 11.01.11 til 11.11.11

Sorry about the sideways picture; still learning how to flip the photos :)

We have been busy creating the Holiday 2011 Line; with inspiration from our favorite Christmas music! Yes, (sigh) it's true CHRISTMAS MUSIC! :) There so much fun ideas can't wait to reveal all of them! Here are a few sneak peeks of the Holiday 2011 Line, Enjoy!

Tyana. Sorry about the sideways picture again.


Have a lovely day and week!


Monday, October 3, 2011

2-Step DIY

This fun and easy DIY takes about 10 minutes! Makes organization fun and creative! 

Supplies Needed:
  • SPARE PARTS(by paper studio)large  bottlecaps; 
    • Found at your local craft stores. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. They are currently 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They come in many different fun and vibrant patterns and colors! I chose black and white Zebra print.
  • Magnetic Buttons
    • Found at your local craft stores or Super Market. They are small circle magnets with adhesive on the back.

Step One: 
  • Bottlecaps come with a puffy insert that fills in the gap of the emptiness in the back; which has double sided adhesive. They have adhesive on as well; peel the backing off and adhere to the back of the bottlecap.

Step Two:
  • Peel adhesive backing off the other end of the puffy insert and also the adhesive backing from the magnet. 
  • Stick the magnet (sticky side facing the sticky side of puffy insert) onto the puffy insert and Viola! There you have it! Cute Magnets! Repeat Steps one through two on each bottlecap. 

Fun way to decorate magnetic organizational boards; doors; refrigerators etc.

Have a great week! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are alive....again! :)

It seems that there are times of silence that appear on our blog! We are sorry for that, as we are busy moms of little ones! :)

The Holiday/Winter 2011 line is in the making right now along with new styles of flowerclips; bow ties, neck ties, and shoes/boots!

Amy Gerber Photobotique is partnering with us; in a photoshoot of one of our new boots for the Holiday/Winter 2011 line! We are excited about that along with the re-tweeked of our "Maddox"
(sorry for the photo mishap, it won't turn around for some reason)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 300 fan giveaway! Mar'ce Banks was the proud winner of our giveaway and received a pair of our Raelynn Boots in Rust Red. The Giveaway was such a great success that you can be sure another Holiday giveaway will be coming up! 

We love fall! Warm apple cider, pumpkin pie with ice cream, apple sauce, the scent of cinnamon, crisp leaves, beautiful color! 

What is your favorite things about fall? 

I hope all is well with everyone! Have a great October and we will try to not be so silent this month! :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slouch boots and Free Shipping!

This Fall 2011 Line will be packed with boots! We are so excited about the interchangeable flowers for the boots and shoes this fall! We have a wide range of Slouch Boots in the making and displayed already. Here is a photo of the slouch boots out so far.

 {Click photo below to purchase Raelyn}

 Raelyn in Rusted Red. Tainted Cream. Chocolate Brown. Along with the slouch boots we have Isabella. A simple straight boot with a delicate touch of a pleated top and an added deep rust red rosette.

Aslyn, is another straight boot. Wild and ready for fall! Faux cheetah print fur compacted into a slender, stylish boot for kids! Insulated with warm fleece make those little toes nice and warm. 

 {Click photo below to purchase Aslyn}

Now that our Fall 2011 Line is coming into place; the Summer 2011 Line is slowly fading in style. We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all Summer Line shoes purchased on our etsy site! There's still a few months left of warm weather; let's enjoy it in style before we have to cover up those cute toes! 

{Click photo below to purchase Kenzi}

Featured in photo above is our Kenzi Peep Toed Shoe in Zebra Print. Sweet and Sassy little girls need sweet and sassy little things! Cute in every way with wrap around satin ribbons! Purchase them here along with any of the other Summer 2011 line for 

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the warm sun while we still have it!
(at least for us in the northern states) :)


Friday, August 12, 2011


We have a few sneak peeks of the new fall line popping up here and there. Here is another one! :) The complete line is not done yet but will be out by the end of the month! Get ready for the largest selection of boots! We will have some more coming for winter 2011 as well. 

Meet Isabella a mustard yellow- simple straight boot with a delicate touch of a pleated top and an added deep rusted red rosette. Enjoy the preview. Better pictures will follow; wasn't too happy with the turn out of these photos. They don't quite display the mustard yellow correct. Have in mind that they are a bit darker and mustardy (if that is even a word) than the color portrayed.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and Headbands...

HI everyone! I hope this finds you all well. The etsy shop is up and running, and we are still figuring everything out! We have been going through a few different changes and adjustments here at Simply Anandi but they are only making us stronger. The Fall order is on it's way, and we are excited to bring forth new colors for fall flower clips and a new range of fall boots and shoes for both boys and girls! Unfortunately we do not have any more headbands in stock. We are unable to fulfill anymore orders for the traditional headbands. We will however be coming out with a new variety of headbands and designs coming this fall/winter!

We will be on vacation from August 2, 2010 thru August 6, 2011. We will encounter all e-mails and orders after we are back! Thank you for your understanding and your loyal business! 

I have enclosed a picture of a radiant bride displaying one of our flower clips in her hair!(it's a new flower clip that is a bit larger than the original large size) and it also has added tulle to it, to show elegance and simplicity. 

Photo courtesy of  Joyous Photography.

Finally, The SIMPLE Review's giveaway for a pair of our Alexa in Cheetah shoes in size 4 will be ending August 5, 2011. So be sure to enter daily to win them and share the word! 

Have a great week and keep nice and cool! 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rusted Leaves and the alike

The Fall Collection 2011 is on it's way and we are so excited for the debut of the Fall Collection as well as  the new etsy shop! In the making of the Etsy shop there was a MUST SEE shop, that is out of this world irresistible! Cali's Grace is a shop to stop at! Check out the unique trend setting clothing line. Can't wait to have a little girl of my own to dress in Cali's Grace's apparel! 

Our inspiration for Fall; Dusty Oranges. Burnt Reds. Mustard Yellows. Olive Greens. Rich Browns....enjoy the preview! Don't get settled because more previews and the complete collection will be here soon!

Here are a few preview pictures. First is Hadley. 

 Autumn leaves come to mind with these cute fall boots! Vintage orange floral print with a chocolate brown leather toe make these boots fresh with style for this fall! 
Here are a few more preview pictures.

You can purchase Hadley here
Available in sizes 1 through 3

The second boot to the Fall Collection 2011 is Raelynn. Our first slouch boot! 

Covered in a lovely autumn dusty burnt red, with a champagne sash to add simplicity. Lined with cream flannel to keep those little toes nice and warm!
Here are a few more preview pictures of Raelynn.

You can purchase Raelynn here
Available in sizes 1 through 4.

Stay tuned for more exciting previews and giveaways coming up for the fall!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Etsy! and the upcoming!

It's official we have joined ETSY! We are going to keep it simple for now, until we get more comfortable with everything! But we are excited to be partnering with them! Check out our Etsy Shop by clicking on the big icon below!

 Also, we are excited for a feature review and giveaway of our products on simple reviews coming soon!
Check out their site for awesome insight on the latest new products for moms and kids along with giveaways galore!

Have a great week!